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School Play Harmony (SPH) Solution

SPH Solution has been designed keeping in mind all the possible worries that parents would have whilst their child is away from them travelling to school. SPH ensures that parents are not only aware of their child's movements but are also confident that in today`s day and age there is someone looking after their child's security."

Besides messaging, the SPHOnline App provides real-time access to school calendar, time table, daily homework, online payment, transportation, attendance, daily orders, grades etc

  • Ability to add profiles of the children studying or the school staff or both
  • Track message delivery and have incorporated intelligence to take appropriate action
  • Ability to view through the app, the real-time location of the school bus with GPS tracker devices, for all the relevant users availing the school bus service
  • Real-time access to all related school information system data depending on the user & the access credentials (users include parent, staff and parents who are staff as well)
  • Ability to receive notifications for the messages sent by the school

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