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St. Vincent's Communication App

St. Vincent's Mobile Mobile is a powerful communication platform to deliver an excellent school experience to all the stakeholders of the ‘St.Vincents's School’ including the teachers, the parents and the students. The system allows the app users to receive messages and updates from the school using push notification. Besides messaging, the St. Vincent's App provides real-time access to digital diary, assignments etc.

The Push Notifications is implemented using different messaging servers. For Android, we used the GCM Server, for iPhone we have used the APNS Server and for Windows Phone, we have used the MPNS Server.

  • Ability to add profiles of the children studying or the school staff or a mix of both
  • Ability to receive notifications for the alerts, newsletters and updates sent by the school
  • Send and receive one-way mass messages / personalized messages to targeted recipient group (s) / individual(s)
  • Real-time access to all related school information system data depending on the user & the access credentials (users include parent, staff and parents who are staff as well)
  • Track message delivery and have incorporated intelligence to take appropriate action

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